Rock Star Meadow

I read the first paragraph in the Chronogram and knew I was going Rock Star Meadow_DellaPenna_Ross_5099to the open house they were hosting:
Nick Della Penna and Estelle Ross’s sculptural installation in Lake Hill.

Rock Star Meadow in Lake Hill, a sculptural installation 20 years in the making.

A lifelong obsession with art-making can begin in strange ways. In Nick Della Penna’s case, he wanted to build a wall between himself and his neighbor on four acres he owns in Lake Hill. “The need to put a boundary between myself and an irascible neighbor—a physical barrier—it was that silly and Rock Star Meadow_DellaPenna_Ross__5113innocent,” Della Penna says. The original wall was designed to follow the contour of Mount Tobias, which frames the property’s skyline to the northwest.

It seems to me the building has never stopped.  You could easily drive by and see nothing, but walk in and around the back of the house and it’s a fantasy, or maybe a folly in the style of Victorians, of beautiful stone walls, Rock Star Meadow_DellaPenna_Ross__5101circular enclosing a fountain, straight with a faux door, brick walls with mosaic eyes, towers…and the small touches. Stone structures have small sculptural details between the stones, a tiny elephant face and trunk, a man’s head, a woman’s face. And I couldn’t tell if they were being drawn into the mortar of if they were being born
Rock Star Meadow_DellaPenna_Ross__5131 out of it. Observed up close they added a touch of disquiet to the work.