Sunrise Today – and it was COLD

Up and out early today

It was COLD this morning, 45 degrees (are you kidding?). I met my friend Bob for a run and saw the sun come up.

golden sun just breaking the horizon, creating a glow in the sky

Sunrise at Lakeside Park, 9.6.13, 6:30am

The first shot was at about 6:30am over Lakeside Park. The sun hadn’t broken the horizon but was glowing beautifully.

Second shot, about 20 minutes later, the sun was up but was masked by the mist rising from the lake.

Sun shrouded in lake mist shortly after sunrise.

Sun Up at Lakeside Park, 6:50am, 9.6.13

I always carry my phone on my runs and it functions as my camera. I try not to stop too often but often can’t resist. My brain gets into photo mode and I’m done.